Month: August 2017

Support Greg as he runs 205.5 miles for HFAF!

Click here to visit his fundraising page.

From Greg:

Journey. A word that often describes a range of emotions for any given person. (Yes, also a rock band whose latest singer was discovered on YouTube!).

For me, journey is the never ending search on how to test myself. To strip myself raw to the core and learn something about who I am.

I cannot begin to even guess the journey for families that have children with cancer. Their journey seems to consist of hope, sadness, triumph, and at times, grief. However, the one common bond I have learned about these families is strength. The strength of their children. The strength of their singular focus to find health for their child.

It is an honor and a privilege to team up with Hope for Autumn. On September 8-12, 2017 I will try to fulfill a journey in the form of the Tahoe 200. This a 205.5 mile trail race through the mountains of Tahoe. It is not a stage race or one that is continuous loops. It is truly a point to point race.

My hope is to raise money for this grassroots charity. I will share my experiences as I progress to September 2017 so you can laugh at me, question me, and hopefully be moved to action.

We are asking for donations that will be donated directly to the 501(c)(3) Hope for Autumn.

See you on the other side of the journey.